Church In The Park

Where at Whittier Narrows are we?
We’re at Group Picnic Area E1.
Where should I park?
A pay lot charging $6 per vehicle is located on Santa Anita Avenue just north of Durfee Avenue and is close to our site. A free parking lot is located on Santa Anita Avenue west of Lextington-Gallatin Road and is about a fifteen minute walk from our site.
What should I bring?
Bring an item to share for our potluck! Lunch will follow the worship service and we’ll be providing a main dish and drinks. Based on your last name, you can bring along the following:
A–R Salad/Side Dish
S–Z Dessert
Bring along lawn chairs (seating in the picnic area is limited), blankets, and your favorite outdoor recreation equipment.

What if it rains?

In the event of heavy rain, please check the website or social media accounts to receive updated information. In the event of light rain, we will have canopies to cover the eating areas. It will be cooler, so we recommend you dress warmly.