Far More Abundantly FAQ

Campaign to Retire the Debt


We are blessed with a beautiful and growing campus for our church family. In May of 2020, a balloon payment is due on the construction loan for our Children’s Village. We want to pay off our loan, plus tithe 10% to bless our neighborhoods. We invite you to prayerfully consider participating as we rally together to retire our debt and step into God’s far more abundant future!

What is our Far More Abundantly target goal? 

Our target goal is $350,000 to pay off the building loan plus 10% Missional Tithe of the amount received by November 24.

What was the original loan and what is the balance?

We financed a 7-year, fixed loan of $1.56 million.  A final balloon payment is due May 2020. Through our congregation’s generosity over the past twelve years, the current building loan balance is $445,000. We have $100,000 in reserves to bring down our amount owed on the building loan to $350,000.

What is the purpose of the 10% Missional Tithe?

Even as we look forward to retiring our building debt, God is inviting us to pass forward blessings in our communities. Our small groups and ministry teams will be encouraged to identify different opportunities in the coming year. We will set aside ten percent of the total received during the past six weeks (Oct 20 – Nov 24) to seed this fund.

Can I give after this Sunday?

Yes, you can! We know some have planned their giving to extend through next January. All contributions will continue to be directed to our building fund.